About our Program

Shelby County Crime Stoppers began in October of 1994 when Sheriff Randy Sims (ret) met with a group of concerned citiizens and formed the first board of directors for the program.

With 23 board members, 3 of whom still serve on the board today, the program was launched with great results.  And remains very active to this date.

Shelby County Crime Stoppers has isssued over 400 Tipster code numbers with over 120 crimes solved that would have other wise gone unresolved.

Approximatley $150,000.00 in stolen property and drugs have been recovered with information provided by anonymous callers.

Mission Statement

Crime Stoppers is comprised of diverse, active and dedicated community representatives. Crime Stoppers provides a method for local law enforcement to receive information on crimes from anonymous "Tipsters". These efforts  in turn increase the flow of imformation from the public to its Law Enforcement agencies.  And join the two with the common goal of solving crime and increasing our community safety. 

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